Welcome to Bioshare’s documentation!

About Bioshare

Share interface Bioshare is a file sharing web application designed for sharing the “Big Data” common to bioinformatics. While it was developed to support the effective sharing of larger datasets, it can and has been used to share all kinds of data, large and small.

The central goals of Bioshare are:

  • To easily share data with any collaborator. The only thing that is needed is an email address.
  • To permit granular permissions, for different levels of access. Users can read, write, or administer data shares. See share permissions for more details.
  • To provide a variety of file transfer protocols to fit a variety of different scenarios. Bioshare currently supports file transfers via the browser, SFTP, rsync, and wget.
  • To provide a user friendly interface, which makes searching, browsing, and viewing/downloading files easy.

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